Give Your Bathroom a New Look For Less

Perhaps you have already seen those expensive bathroom makeovers on TV and at some point wished that your bathroom could also receive the same look. In most cases, yes, bathroom makeovers are always associated with high price tags depending on the design and the bathroom furniture like bathroom mirrors. However, if you are thinking of giving your bathroom a total makeover but you feel that your little budget won’t permit, then here are easy ways to transform your bathroom on a budget.

First, check the size of your bathroom and calculate how much space you will need for your new bathroom decorations. Basically the walls cover the most areas in your bathroom and can also be the most expensive part to transform. However to give those walls a whole new perspective for less a fresh coat of paint will do the trick. Repainting is one of the most inexpensive ways to transform a bathroom. Choose a color that you think will best match your home d?cor. You can go for light tranquil colors or you may also prefer the bright ones for deep styling.

Bathroom mirrors are your next bathroom piece to add to your bathroom’s new appeal. Get rid of that old school medicine cabinet with a mirror door. Take out that outdated medicine cabinet and hang a new bathroom mirror. You can choose from a bathroom mirror with light like the PHOENIX wall hung modern bathroom furniture mirror and light 300mm FQ011 or those with built-in shelves to place your toiletries. Next, upgrade your other bathroom furniture like your bathroom cabinet. Design options on bathroom pieces are endless and you just have to make a good research on the most eye-catching furniture pieces with a price for less. You can visit your local retailer or better yet browse bathroom pieces online and choose your next bathroom piece from there.

Next, mount a new work of wall art. Do not over decorate your bathroom with lots of wall frames or hanging decorations. An affordable yet very catchy work of wall art will help you draw the eyes of your visitors away from anything in the bathroom that is still outdated. In fact, placing a dimensional sculpture piece on the largest wall in your bathroom is the most dramatic way to redecorate your bathroom.

If your budget still permits, then how about replacing your old basin, with prices as low as £59 you can purchase a premier white round ceramic basin. Usually sinks get the most visual impact in a bathroom. So it is strongly suggested to splurge a little on the sink than on a new toilet. Oversized square sinks are also highly recommended but of course you can always target a medium-range pedestal sinks for a lesser price. By choosing any or all of these suggestions such as bathroom mirrors, new bathroom furniture, and other eye-catching decorations you’ll be able to get a new look for your bathroom without spending a lot. Carefully choose the materials you wish to add to your bathroom, make sure you also do most of the work yourself so you can save a lot on labor cost.

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