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Freestanding Baths

Popular during the Victorian era, and now having been totally reinvigorated with designs, contemporary freestanding baths are now making a comeback.  If you have a small bathroom that will not be a problem as we have over 40+ small freestanding baths to choose from in whole range of styles and designs.

Roll Top Stand Alone Baths

Whether you choose a modern freestanding bath or a traditional victorian roll top stand alone bath, stylish, contemporary, and chic – these three words best describe what freestanding baths stand for today.  We have a huge range of Roll Top Small Freestanding baths to compliment all the smaller bathrooms.
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Westminster 1860 x 880mm Freestanding Bath
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Charlotte Edwards 1500mm Belgravia  Small Stand-Alone Freestanding Bath
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Charlotte Edwards Admiralty Contemporary Freestanding Bath - 1670mm x 730mm
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Charlotte Edwards Admiralty Contemporary Freestanding Bath - 1800 x 800mm
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Charlotte Edwards Caliban White Freestanding Bath - 1700mm x 700mm
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Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are different from other types of bath tubs in a sense that they can be easily placed anywhere in the bathroom. There is no need to permanently fix them in one area. They also come in different shapes and sizes. They are becoming popular alternatives to regular tubs these days.

How comfortable are freestanding baths?

If comfort is your priority when choosing a tub, you would benefit a lot from freestanding baths. They are unique in a sense that they don’t have to be built on one side of the bathroom. They can be easily moved around. They are perfect if you have a huge bathroom since there is plenty of space to decide where the best position of the freestanding bath should be. These tubs are usually long and deep. You can dip your entire body when using it, which makes it even more comfortable. Sometimes, you can choose one that is really spacious that there is enough space for you and your partner, or even your kids.

What is the most common size for a freestanding bath?

If you have a smaller bathroom, it is recommended to buy the 4.5-feet mini-sized freestanding standalone bath. It is not the best choice, but if you want to experience a freestanding bath at home, you can use it. However, this size does not guarantee comfort. You can either remodel the bathroom or let go of your plans to buy a tub for now. The standard size is 5 feet. Most bathrooms are fitted for this size. If you want something bigger though so you can extend your feet, go for the 6-feet freestanding bath. This is the type that can accommodate two or more people. Sadly, if you are taller than 6 feet, this is still not the best choice for you. Oval stand alone baths are also another choice. They are bigger and wider. They also come in different sizes, but because of the shape, it generally gives more space.

What material is used for the freestanding baths?

Acrylic baths are very popular for many reasons. To begin with, they are affordable and easy to clean. They can be repaired when scratched. They can also absorb and retain heat well. This increases the level of comfort when using freestanding baths. Another option is composite bath. It is made from a mixture of resin and ground stone. This includes quartz or granite. If you are after overall aesthetic appeal, this is a great choice. Steel baths are made from old cast iron bath tubs. They usually have thick porcelain coating just like any other iron tubs. They are generally lighter and perfect if you plan to use them in upstairs bathrooms. When compared to steep though, cast iron is better as it can retain more heat. This lets you soak longer without adjusting the temperature more often.

What is the best way to clean off marks from your freestanding bath?

If hard water is coming out of your faucet, then your bathtub will be prone to stains due to its high mineral content. But you don't need to worry about cleaning them because all you need are baking soda and white vinegar. Simply mix the two ingredients until it forms a thick paste, and then apply it on the stained surface. Leave it for a couple of minutes, wipe it off with a clean cloth or sponge and rinse it with water. There are also other chemical based cleaners that are available in supermarkets just in case you opt to choose a stronger cleaning agent.

What are the usual freestanding bath colours that are available in the market?

Most of the standalone bathtubs that are sold commercially in home depots come in colour white, beige, black and grey only. But nowadays some manufacturers allow their clients to customise the colour and design of their tubs based on their personal preference and also to match the bathroom theme. Should you want to place an order for a customised bathtub, you would need to give the manufacturer a little more time before it gets delivered to your house and installed by professional contractors. The prices of these tubs may also vary depending on your personal preference and budget.

What are the different types of roll top stand alone baths?

These luxurious bathtubs are classified according to the different kinds of materials used. The most popular is the cast iron bath because it’s known for its durability, practicality and its considered to be the most affordable material. There are also other types which are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, acrylic and fibreglass. All of them are also good choices. A freestanding bath, in general, is considered to be a good investment especially if you want to maximise the use of your bathroom. Just make sure to choose the right tub for you and your family and avoid making rushed decisions when buying.

Though a common item of the past, these elegant baths are gaining popularity again in this modern age. Their unique design and function makes it a good candidate as an additional feature to any bathroom. JT SPAS are proud to provide a diverse range of products that are created with a certain flair for quality and elegance that does not come at a hefty price, all sourced from leading manufacturers such as Moods, Phoenix and Royce Morgan to name only a few.

Here at JT SPAS, you can choose amongst a wide array of luxury stand alone freestanding bathtubs according to the style and theme of your bathroom.

Classic Elegance and Function
A freestanding bath creates a fabulous feel in any bathroom, screaming glamour, substance & individual style. Choosing a bath like this ensures that every bathing experience will be a deeply fulfilling one.

This form of traditional elegance was a regular addition with the rich and affluent societies in the past. The most popular type of free-standing bathtub during those times was the cast iron claw foot tub. This type of stand alone bathtub boasted style and exuberance and was coated with a protective layer like enamel to give a more appealing appearance.

On the other hand, in today’s modern era, the bathtubs have evolved dramatically. Nowadays, acrylic is the much favoured material used for these types of baths. The main reason for this choice being the excellent heat retention properties of these modern materials. This is now combined with durability and made with cutting-edge workmanship to enhance its overall charm.
 A Personal Haven
Bathrooms are one of the places where a person can relax and feel rejuvenated after a long and tiring day. Why don’t you transform your bathroom into more than just a shower room? With a freestanding fixture, you can easily change your simple bathroom into a personal spa haven.

Even if you already have a shower and still have that extra space, you can definitely add a freestanding bathtub. You can use the shower for rush baths and for rinsing the body. Whereas, on the other hand, a freestanding bath is the perfect spot where you can dip yourself in the tub, enjoy the water embracing you, and have a lavish and sensual bathe to finish off the day.

State-of-the-art Production
JT SPAS is a supplier of quality bathroom accessories and fixtures that can compete abreast with other popular and high-quality brands in the market. But the winning part in choosing JT SPAS for your bathroom fixture needs is that our prices are affordable and very reasonable.

Our baths and other bathroom products are all made from quality materials with an amalgamation of designs that are aesthetically pleasing, fresh and modern.
Here at JT Spas we give you more reasons to pamper yourself inside the bathroom. With the wide selection of bathroom products that we supply, each of your bathing experience upon waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night will definitely be wonderful!