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Frameless Shower Enclosures

A frameless shower enclosure be it a pivot shower door or quadrant frameless shower cubicle will add touch class and style to your bathroom design.  Frameless shower doors can be slightly more expensive but when you look at the quality of products available, and how much elegance it adds to your bathroom, you get value for moeny.  We believe frameless shower enclosures are great addition to any bathroom small or large.

Frameless Shower Doors

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Important Things to Know about Frameless Shower Enclosures

There are a lot of good reasons for using frameless shower enclosures at home. If you want to elevate the level of sophistication in your bathroom, this is definitely a great choice. You won’t have to spend a lot of money in totally transforming the ordinary look of your bathroom.

What are Frameless Shower Enclosures?

Using frameless shower enclosures is another way to spruce up the ordinary look of your bathroom. Framed doors are usually bulky, but frameless doors are easy to the eyes. Therefore, they are aesthetically more pleasing, more elegant but importantly they are also durable. Even if the entire structure is made of glass, you have the assurance that it is a structurally sound glass. It is possible to make use of these enclosures for the years to come. The best part about having frameless enclosures is that they could help add value to your home. They create a luxurious feel and this is what a lot of potential home buyers want to this. Most of all, with the clear glass used for the frameless shower enclosure, there is an illusion of added space.

Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?

One of the most common questions regarding the use of frameless shower doors is if it leaks. The sure answer is no. These doors have a very small gap at the hinges and on the sides. When the doors were properly installed, it is impossible for water to leak out. You can hire the best people to install the doors so that there is assurance that water won’t leak. Pointing the shower head far away from the seam also makes it easier to prevent leaking. Just make sure though that you are buying quality doors to avoid leaking. Not only will leaking happen when you buy cheaper brands, but the entire structure could even be easily broken.

What are Frameless Shower Doors?

You can choose between frameless shower doors and framed shower doors. The metals keeping the doors in place are the only ways to strengthen the enclosure. On the other hand, a frameless shower door is made from polished and tempered 8mm glass.  This means that the glass used is of greater strength. It eliminates the need for heavy metal framing. The wobble can also be eliminated as there is no need to have one when opening or closing the door.