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Corner Baths

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Corner baths are the best layout choice for small spaces. Including these curved baths in your bathroom is an ideal way to maximise your space. A small corner baths can also be used as shower baths by simply adding a screen. The advantages of these baths are that they are large baths using space more efficiently in the bathroom offset into a corner.
The corner bath have a large area for water yet with the design the bath is maximising the smaller space and gives you that feeling of more room as these are normally wider and deeper than the standard straight baths. The seat in the corner of the deeper models can also give a more Luxurious feel.
The corner bath gives a different perspective with the curve edge takes the harsh angles away from the corner and can give a different look and a focal feature from a different angle. The Variety of different shapes can make any small bathroom unique.
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Corner Baths at JT SPAS

Corner baths are a good versatile space saver bath. These baths can be used in a bathroom making the bathroom be used more efficiently with its two long edges running down the adjoining walls and curved front. This can allow for walking flow around the bathroom be easier and possibly more balanced. Allowing the wall space for other items like basin dressers, and toilets. 

The shape of the corner baths is normally wider and deeper bath than some conventional straight baths making its use of space more efficient in the bathroom. The Corner bath isn’t necessarily always the best in a small bathroom as these baths can hold two people or sometimes three, but they do offer better use of space. 

JT Spas have tried to give our customers a variety of shapes and sizes and styles (traditional, contemporary and Modern) to try and ignite ideas and help with you interior styling. Most baths come with there unique panels as products options. This option is not always required by our customers as they choose tile, box or create their own styling for the Bath Panel.  

The range of small corner baths are perfect for a small bathroom and from JT Spas that are on offer start at the smallest being 1200mm x 1200mm. The Largest being 1500mm there are some corner baths that have two different lengths 1700mm x 750mm with a rounded corner while this isn’t a conventional corner bath it has the rounded edge like a corner Bath, and can’t be places in a recess. These are normally called offset corner baths; they can bring interesting aspects of style while still having the larger and wider bathing area. 

The Corner bath can be fitted with a shower and glass shower screen to make extra use of the space if a separate shower is not possible with your bathroom. The baths are deeper and may not be as easy to get in and out of as a lower shower bath or a shower tray. You can find these under showers on the blue JT Spas navigation bar above.

We can add a whirlpool system to the corner baths using our whirlpool engineers, who customise the baths to your requirements. This can can give you a very Luxurious bathing experience with the extra width and depth as well as the massaging jets. Its your own Spa experience in the comfort of your home. The Whirlpool corner bath we have listed above are few of the most requested Whirlpool baths and formations on the website. But if you have a corner bath shell that we have not listed; you can call our sales team or speak to them to see if it could be an option? Not all bath shells are compatible to be drilled and fitted with whirlpool systems.