Coram Shower Trays

CORAM Coratech® Resin Shower trays
Coratech® is a revolutionary resin formulation developed by Coram for use in their showertrays. It has all the strength of traditional ‘stone resin’ showertrays but without the excessive weight.

A showertray doesn’t need to be heavy to stop it moving We all know that even the slightest movement of a showertray after installation will lead to expensive water leaks. That ’s why Coram’s Coratech® trays are absolutely rigid and designed to be fixed in a way which will ensure that there can be no possible movement. The standard trays have adjustable feet, which can be securely screwed to the floor, whilst the slimline trays are bonded to the floor by large fixing pads and the entire rim of the tray.

Coratech Shower Trays

The most stylish showertrays available

Coratech® Designer Slimline Shower trays sit just 60mm above the floor. They offer the most attractive installation where the plumbing connection can be recessed into the floor. Each model has been carefully sculpted with subtle angled sides and a shallow sloping circular or elliptical recess - and it’s these superb design features which provide truly efficient drainage.

 Where the plumbing connections cannot be recessed into the floor, a Riser Kit offers an easier, low cost alternative which conceals the connections beneath the tray. All connections are easily accessable via removable timber backed panels. Riser Kits are available for all Designer Slimline Showertrays and come with adjustable feet, special panel clips and easy remove panels.