Coram Shower Enclosure Doors

Coram Premier offers the finest quality, classic designs that are faster and easier to install than any other enclosures, which is why they are the choice of more professional
installers than any other.

Coram Optima provides a more economical alternative to Premier. Whilst it cannot provide all the features and benefits of Premier it is still an easy to fit quality range, which offers better value than anything else available.


Coram Showers

Coram Shower Pods are a complete shower unit including showertray, walls, shower door and a choice of thermostatic mixer showers. They are the easiest way to create a totally watertight solution that is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

Coram Glass shower panels allow you to create a superb, minimalist shower enclosure a ‘walk-in‘ style design, without the need for a shower door.