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Choosing the Best Bath Shower Screens

Whether you will be shopping in your favorite local retailer or online you will be surprised at such a large variety of bath shower screens to choose from. It is also a fact that simply standing in your bathroom under your favorite shower is the most refreshing ways to give yourself a wash especially compared to the old fashioned methods of using a water bucket and a water dipper. If your house including your bathroom just got renovated or you just had a recent plumbing improvement, you would agree that you have to find ways to protect your bathroom walls and floors from possible water damage, and that is what bath shower screens are for.

Shower screens are getting more and more popular these days, that’s why you will also notice that more and more manufacturers are entering the shower screen manufacturing business, which makes finding the best shower screen a lot more difficult. But then again, choosing the right shower screen, which usually comes in different styles, sizes, and shapes or even made from different materials, is not that difficult as long as you follow these helpful tips.

Measure how much space you have in your bathroom and identify your shower screen needs. Shower screens are available in full frame, semi frame, or frameless styles. The frameless type is often the most expensive among the three. It makes a small-sized bathroom look larger and it best matches a contemporary house décor. One good example is the AQUALUX EURO frameless curved shower bath screen 750mm x 1375mm in white, a simple but clean bath screen that can fit in a small-sized bathroom and provide a light and airy showering area. Semi-framed shower screens are braced at the top and at the bottom. They are cheaper than frameless but are also very sophisticated-looking and can match a modern-inspired bathroom. Fully framed shower screens are braced around every panel. They are the most affordable of the three but are usually difficult to find these days because they are more susceptible to dirt and mold plus they are also the less aesthetically appealing shower screens. One best example of this type is the AQUALUX EURO fully framed over bath shower screen white 750mm, which is not only reversible but also a value bath screen that can meet even a very low budget.

Another thing to consider in choosing the best bath shower screens is also to check what kind of plumbing system is in your bathroom. You also have to determine which area is best for placing your shower screens or if your chosen shower screens would fit that space. Usually for a smaller bathroom foldable screens are highly recommended since they can easily be detached and stored if you want to save space then assemble them again when needed.

In case you have a different concern and you think you need some professional guidance on choosing bath shower screens that would work perfectly in your bathroom and would satisfy your unique needs, then look for a reliable manufacturer, make inquiries, and ask for quotation.

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