Celebrity Bathrooms for Less at JT Spas

Tulisa's Bathroom

We all enjoy browsing the style magazines, gazing longingly at the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous. Nowhere can this lead to more envy than when it comes to bathroom design. Here it seems we let our imaginations run wild, making bold style statements, and showcasing the latest technologies.

Typically when we read about the A listers and their new pads the focus is on the high glamour and obvious expense that characterises the celebrity lifestyle.

We can all aspire to someday having all that we desire, but why not have it today? With luxury being so affordable at JT Spas we can bring you all of that and much more.

The bathroom shown below was featured in a Daily Mail article about Tulisa Contostavlos’s new home. The styles used are gorgeous and no doubt cost a packet, but we felt challenged, and had to see if we could put a price on the fitting used.

Celebrity Bathrooms for Less at JT Spas

Well, what do you think that price was? £500k ? £50k, no not even 5k. Yes, that’s right, we could fit out Tulisa’s new bathroom for less than five thousand pounds!

Ok, you want to know how we did it? And from a photograph too? No problem, read on...

Tulisa's Bathroom Floor Plan


So, once we had  the floor plan worked out we knew what dimensions we were working to, from there it was simply a matter of observing the composition, understanding the style vocabulary of the designer and then spending some time on the JT Spas website finding our best matches for the bathroom furniture used.

Designer Freestanding Bath


We start with the Bath. This awesome freestanding bath makes a huge statement in this room. The elegant curve offsets the angularity of the shower & basins. We matched this with our Royce Morgan Westminster; this bath has the same sleek oval design, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is really in the groove with today’s fashions.

Now, what sets it off is the use of a mosaic clad pillar housing a wall mounted tap, this is unusual in that for a  bath in the center of a room a freestanding tap is normally used. Wall mounted taps are a great option for a thin rimmed bath that is set hard against the wall. By cunningly blending these two techniques the designer has created something unique that also saves on the normally high price of a freestanding tap.

As building the pillar would add to the cost, and we know where to find some amazing freestanding taps we choose one from our range that is fabulously well built and very stylish, yet doesn’t need to break the bank: The Tec Single Lever Mono Bath Mixer with Hand Held Shower. This tap is simply stunning! The first time we handled one we couldn’t stop playing with it. From the slickness of the action to the sheer weight of the item, you know your working with some seriously high end gear, but the best bit is that this tap costs just over £450, not the £750+ that most taps like this would sell for.

Heated Towel Rail

Step out of your luxury bath and wrap yourself in a cosy towel warmed to perfection, nothing beats having a warm  towel underfoot when stepping from the shower as well, prices start as low as £50 for a basic heated towel rail, the one we have chosen here to match Tulisa’s style is the Jupiter MS 400, available for less than £60

Designer Heated Towel Rail and waterproof TV

Waterproof TV

Either love or hate it, the bathroom TV is becoming more and more common. For those with hectic lifestyles it is a godsend, always on the go, when we close that bathroom door, there can be no distractions, and this may be the only time through the week to catch up on our favourite shows. Designed to meet all applicable safety standards, provided these are installed by a qualified electrician they are extremely safe and reliable items. Of course you will pay a premium on a normal set due to the advanced waterproofing that these units go through. These are available byspecial order and normally cost between £599 & £799.

Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosures are about much more than just keeping the bathroom dry, they can be used to make a serious statement about how you see yourself when bathing. Modern Enclosures come in many different styles, what we see here is a pair of wetroom screens used with a short wall to create a large but well enclosed space, without the need for a door. For this we have chosen an 8mm Screen from Aqualux, It is both high quality and affordable with over 25% off the manufacturers recommended retail prices.
Designer Shower Enclosure with Luxury Fittings

Shower Fittings

Shower Valves are an essential component when choosing your shower set as  you’ll be using these most mornings, you want a solid feel with a smooth action, a finish that will last for years and also thermostatic technology to ensure family safety. For this bathroom we needed a hot / cold action as well as a diverter bath to send the flow to either the main shower head or the handheld.

These handheld units are being installed more often these days instead of the traditional rigid riser as they provide much more flexibility, especially for those with limited mobility. Here we have the Home of Ultra Quest thermostatic valve and the Hose handset with parking bracket.

Shower Heads have undergone a transformation in recent years, from small plasticy items that did little for our shower experience to the massive heads that we see now. Coming with names such as Monsoon & Waterfall you know that something a bit special is in store.

To ensure the feeling of glamour is continued all through the bathroom we have chosen a Phoenix Shower Blade with Waterfall feature as these come with many luxury options, view them all here: http://www.jtspas.co.uk/shower-heads-777-c.asp

Double Basin Vanity Unit


First off by selecting to have twin basins Tulisa has told whoever is lucky enough to wake up with her that she is “Not to be Disturbed” during her morning routine! No shaving mess in her sink, no waiting to brush her teeth! No way, this is the Female Boss and this time is precious!

I think we all feel like the boss in the morning and what better way to enjoy this than by having a twin sink vanity unit. Most master bathrooms these days have ample room and the benefits are enormous (I’ve heard them called the ‘relationship saver’)

At JT Spas we have a wide range of handpicked basins & vanities, we can also help you choose your basin if you’re making a vanity from something else. Here we’ve gone for the Equity from Home of Ultra and used two beside each other to create that double sink look.

Have a browse through our range of vanity units here: http://www.jtspas.co.uk/combination-basin--wc-vanity-units-163-c.asp

Illuminated mirror

Step into the bathroom tired and bedraggled and float out a filmstar! Well, we can’t guarantee that, but with an illuminated mirror you will certainly feel like a glamour goddess as you get ready. The illumination serves several purposes, other than simply bathing your bathroom in sumptuous subdued light. When putting your face on you can be sure that all sides of your face are being lit evenly and without shadows. After all you have a celebrity bathroom, you should look like an A lister! Illuminated mirrors come in many styles, for this bathroom look to be complete we needed to cover the width of the double sinks, so we choose to partner two mirrors together, providing both an even light and also fabulous reflections from the facing windows.

You can browse our illuminated mirrors here: http://www.jtspas.co.uk/illuminated-bathroom-mirrors-1438-c.asp


Not shown in the main bathroom picture is the toilet, going by the styles already present we felt that a close coupled toilet with a curvaceous profile would match the overall look and feel. The Solace from Premier is perfect for this and is incredibly good value for money at less than £300.


Tulisa has an amazing bathroom, there are some really unique touches that bring it all together really well, now for our our take on this bathroom We cannot estimate the complete installation cost, but the overall price for the products listed is just under £4500, A number many thousands less than you would have thought for items of this quality, remember we were not on a bargain hunting mission when matching these products, with a careful eye you could save much more when shopping at JT Spas.

To view the products we selected when pricing this bathroom please see below

JT Spas Design Helper Service

Also remember our design helper service, if you’ve seen something you like and want to match it like we have done here then mail us: sales@jtspas.co.uk

Product JT Spas Product CodePrice (@ 26/02/2013)QuantityWeb Link
Shower TrayST011£138.00Click to View
BathWestminster1860£1,010.00Click to View
Bath FillerPN321£453.75Click to View
Shower PanelsFEN09922AQU£138.00Click to View
Shower HeadSH022£141.00Click to View
Shower HandheldA3263£45.00Click to View
 Shower  Diverter Valve QUEV53£225.00Click to View
Towel RailHK381£64.50Click to View
MirrorLQ040£78.75x2Click to View
BasinRF017£347.00x2Click to View
Basin FillersOV021£169.00x2Click to View
TVSpecial Order Only£599.00
WC£276.00Click to View

No items found.