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Bottle Traps

Given that all that we think about is bath products, we know how exposed plumbing could take away from the style and décor of your bathroom.  Spending money to create just the right look is well worth it, and we don’t want that diminished in any way.

Bottle traps are practical and serve a function, but this doesn’t mean they have to appear mechanical and bulky in your bathroom.  We offer only the most slender and stylish appearing bottle traps with polished chrome and rounded edges.  Bottle traps are necessary because they separate waste water from flowing into your clean water and recycle it away, before it ever mixes with the water that you use.  Some are S or U shaped and are not designed with appearance in mind.

You won’t find these bottle traps below, as our bottle traps are stylish but with price in mind.  Please do browse through our range below, if there is a specific type you are looking for which we do not have on offer please do let us know.



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