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You can upgrade your bathroom for far less than you may think.  Our modern bathroom suite packs have been carefully chosen by our staff.

Take a look at our Phoenix Dale Four Piece Bathroom Suite.   You get a shining modern basin and pedestal, with a cistern and toilet for an incredibly affordable price.  We’re proud of this one!   Turn your bathroom into the bathrooms you only see in catalogues with our Moods Edgeware Bathroom Suite WC and Basin Pack.

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Bathroom Suites – A Time and Place for Yourself

Are you getting tired of the hustle and bustle and stress that are an inevitable part of the fast-paced world we live in? Do you feel the need to pause for a while and just have a quiet time for yourself after a hard day’s work? If you want peace, solitude and escape from the noise and pressures outside, then the bathroom suite is just perfect for you. 

These days, a new and exciting trend is getting the attention of everyone, and the bathroom is becoming a sacred place to unwind after a long hard day at work. It’s totally becoming synonymous with relaxation and quiet time. Having a bathroom suite offers anyone just about everything they will ever need inside the bathroom, and much more. Now, various bathroom accessories are being introduced into the fold to add convenience, comfort, and especially the style and looks to meet each person’s unique taste, needs and aesthetic requirements. Great ranges of selection that fit both contemporary and traditional bathroom designs are easily available these days. With just a little searching, you’ll find the one that’s just perfect for you, which comes with the right sizes, colors, shapes and styles to suit your fancy.

But with many exciting designs today to choose from, your choices will still be mainly dictated by your bathroom space, and that includes the dimensions and the general space and shape available for furniture, fixtures and accessories. But the good news is, even a small-sized bathroom can be made stunning and attractive, provided that you choose the right bathroom suite for it.

A great bathroom suite can be characterized through the different ways it can fit your normal lifestyle. Never choose something just because you simply liked it at first glance. Think about how it will fit nicely into your daily life and how it will meet your needs. If you belong to a family of three or maybe four, your needs will differ greatly from those of a young couple without children. When choosing a suite, here are some sensible considerations to think of that should smartly influence your decisions.

•    Get the general mood and feel of the rest of your house. You should first look for a suite that shares this overall mood. So many great things can come out of this, and convenience is on top of all these. A house with traditional features will of course prompt you to go for traditional suites as well, so that your bathroom will not look out of place. Check that the general features of your bathroom compliment the whole look and feel of your house.
•    If you are planning to remodel, work things out first by getting your bathroom sizes correctly, and come up with a plan based on the measurements you just too, Plan well about where the windows, doors, pipes and drainage should be placed. Take into account things like the positions of both doors and windows that could probably affect your planned designs. And don’t forget about the pipe works and drainage. They still have an important say in your overall bathroom design, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.

•    Decide as early as possible whether you and your family will be okay with tiles or other flooring types. Tiles may look clean and easy to wash, but can prove to be slippery for your kids and for elders in the house, if there are any.

Your bathroom is that one perfect place in your house that can be a sanctuary to relax in and enjoy quiet time for yourself. If you feel that it’s not giving you this, then it may be time to invest in a new bathroom suite that you can creatively design and plan at will. A bathroom should offer tranquility from all outside pressures, and it’s what you must have.