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Bathroom Design Ideas: Modern and Traditional

Building up a bathroom or redesigning an existing one could always make use of fresh and better bathroom design ideas. Freshening up on what is better, more functional and more efficient could really get the best out of every bathroom, and applying these design ideas to bathroom projects could have a very significant effect on how a bathroom looks like and how a person could feel and think in that same room.

Modern and traditional bathrooms are equally popular nowadays. And while there are some who could wish for nothing less than elegance in their baths, others are content with minimalistic designs. These two – modern and traditional – make up the most popular designs for bathrooms nowadays, and there are seemingly no other categories that could rise up to the challenge that these two pose. What do modern and traditional bathrooms have in common and how do they differ?

Colors schemes are most important when it comes to design. A good bathroom could always be better with good colors, but bad color combinations could almost instantly ruin even the most beautiful bathrooms. White is nearly always seen in bathrooms, whether modern or traditional. It gives the illusion of a larger space, and it makes a place looks clean, which is what one would like to feel inside a bathroom. However, bolder colors are most likely seen in modern rooms rather than traditional ones. Lighter colors, except in Victorian-themed rooms and some others, are seen in traditional rooms.

Glass is a popular element of a modern bathroom. On the other hand, wood is what makes a traditional bath, well, traditional. Marble adds a very nice touch to traditional baths, while tiles are perfect matches for modern ones. This is pretty much apparent in powder rooms. In these rooms, one could see the different colors, accents and elements used in the two. Bathroom design ideas in modern and traditional baths are all the rage nowadays.

Another difference that is much pronounced with contemporary and traditional freestanding baths is their need for different amounts of spaces. Traditional bathroom furniture is known to need bigger spaces. Bigger baths, bigger cabinets and bigger everything would obviously require bigger rooms to hold them. Modern baths in contrast could be built smaller, because modern bathroom furniture gets smaller and smaller as they get more expensive. Functionality and space ratio is always higher in modern rooms with modern gadgets and furniture in them.

Renovating bathrooms and creating new ones could be a hard job, but with the help of bathroom design ideas, one could transform bathrooms into something better and more efficient. A small change in style and design could really make a big, noticeable change in a small room, making it a place that you would really want to spend time in. A bathroom that makes a person want to stay for relaxation and privacy is a bathroom that has fulfilled its duty. Modern and traditional bathrooms both have the potential to give these to people who occupy them.