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Basins & Pedestal

Wash like Victorian royalty.  This is the appeal of owning a basin and pedestal rather than a typical modern vanity and sink.  By purchasing one at JT Spas, you’ll find you don’t have to be royalty to own one of these beautiful bathroom fixtures.   Our entire line is amazingly affordable.

Our basins and pedestals are chosen with these characteristics in mind: space-saving, high quality, from the best manufacturers on the market, stylish, and the most uniquely designed.   The most affordable, of course, goes without saying.

In our perpetual desire to meet the many needs of our customers we’d like to share what we’ve put together.

Our line includes basins with full, semi, and cloakroom basins and pedestals.   Our designs include softly rounded, squared, and uniquely decorative.   Many of which combine Victorian touches with modern appeal.

Don’t despair if you have a small bathroom.   Purchase our smaller versions and you may be surprised how little room these minis occupy.  Truly, we have something for anyone who desires to wash like Victorian royalty.   You’re bathroom transformation is waiting for you.   Just click below.
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