A Buyers Guide to Sliding Shower Doors

Limited bathroom space is common. If you are one of many homeowners who are unfortunate enough to have a small bathroom, thinking of having a shower enclosure may be far from your mind. A sliding door shower enclosure is your best option for a small space in your bathroom.

Space saving

Probably the best feature that sliding shower doors possess is that they are economical in space. This is also why they are best for small bathrooms. The doors slide into the wall panel, compared to pivot shower doors that open outwards, requiring ample space outside the enclosure to accommodate the door.


Sliding glass shower doors can be elegant too. Having a small bathroom doesnt mean you have to settle with a so-so shower. Frameless shower enclosures are among the sleekest and most sophisticated-looking. The absence of metal frames makes for a minimalist yet aesthetic look.


Keeping sliding shower doors working and in good running condition is easy. The trick is not to wait a long time before cleaning them. After each use, wiping the door and the panels dry with a piece of cloth will prevent gunk build up from soap and other bathing agents. Rust may also develop on metal parts, so keeping the shower enclosure dry after use is paramount. You also dont need harsh cleaning solutions. Simple household items such as baking soda and vinegar will ensure that the glass panels, doors as well as the shower head and other metal fixtures.


Shower enclosures with sliding glass doors are made from durable glass materials to ensure the safety of the person in the shower. They can withstand years of use, as well as the right pressure in opening and closing the doors. They dont easily break from slight pressure, but if they do, you dont have to worry about sharp and big shards of glass on the shower floor. Tempered glass disintegrates into very small pieces that will not pose grave danger and harm.

If you decide to purchase an enclosure with a sliding door, choose the one that will complement your bathrooms overall look and will give you your required relaxation time in the shower. It doesnt have to be the most expensive one in the bunch, as long as it possesses the features that you are looking for and the design that you like, then youre good to go. Your installer will make sure everything is in place and no water will escape from the enclosure.