A Buyers Guide to Slate Shower Trays

Here at JT Spas, we make it a priority to know the upcoming trends and innovations in the bathroom product industry. Bathroom products are our speciality, after all, and we should know what’s on offer – even before they become popular.

There is one particular product, however, which has become exponentially popular in recent times: slate shower trays. Slate shower trays are not only a useful addition to a bathroom and shower enclosure – it is also an elegant, classy option which can transform the look of your shower enclosure as soon as it is installed. Here’s everything you need to know about slate shower trays –

  • Your choice in colours

When it comes to slate shower trays, you have the option to choose a variety of colours. Classic grey will always stand out, simply because it has more of a dramatic yet natural look, which is perfectly on-trend with today’s modern, minimalistic bathroom. The other basic colours you can choose for your slate shower tray are black or white, these are also minimalistic colours which can lend a subtle, elegant appeal to your bathroom. At the end of the day, the colour you choose will really depend on your personal preference, and if the colour complements the colour theme of the rest of your bathroom.

  • Your choice in materials

Slate shower trays can also come in different materials, from ceramic to acrylic. Ceramic has always been a popular material, simply because it is affordable and can easily resist scratches or abrasions. The only downside with ceramic is that it can be quite fragile, and heavy as well.

Acrylic, on the other hand, is another popular option, it’s a lightweight material which can also be resistant to abrasions. It can handle harsher cleaning products such as detergents, and it won’t easily become scratched.

Another material is stainless steel which is enamelled, and it is known for being an ultra-thin material which also offers resistance to abrasions as well as lightness in weight.

  • Your choice in sizes

The size of the shower tray will determine your overall comfort, but you also have to consider the size of your shower enclosure. If you have a smaller enclosure, for example, a pentangle style may be a good choice. If you have a larger enclosure, then a rectangular tray can be your best option. The smaller trays range from 760mm x 760mm, whilst the largest trays can have a size of 2000mm by 900mm.

You can ask an expert bathroom designer regarding which tray size is best for your needs if you’re unsure; getting advice from a professional is always a good idea so you can be more confident that you are making the proper choice.