A Buyers Guide to Shower Wall Panels

Bathrooms, have been given a major upgrade in recent years with the numerous innovations on modern bathroom fixtures. You can now turn it into a relaxing sanctuary besides your bedroom. Shower areas can now be fitted with a steam generator whilst baths can be fitted with air jets for gentle massage. There are plenty of options when it comes to upgrading a regular bathroom, but the basics such as shower wall panels need to be given due consideration also.

In the past, shower wall panels were simply used to hold shower heads or hide unsightly plumbing accessories. Now, they have greater functionality and have become a great alternative to waterproof tiles. They are easy to clean,and are available in a range of styles, textures and sizes that choosing one you can find yourself spoilt for choice. Let this guide help you to make the best decision when buying a shower wall panel.

How much will I need to spend when purchasing new shower wall panels?

It pays to know the various costs of shower wall systems to know where to start and to ensure you stay within your budget. If you are on a budget, low-cost fibreglass panels may cost you around ?100 to ?300. If you prefer acrylic panels, faux stone or solid panels you will be looking to pay around ?700 to ?1,600. Luxurious options include granite, marble and other natural stone. High gloss acrylic is also in the higher price range. Aside from the panels, you also need to buy the required material for ceiling cladding so remember to set a budget for it.

What are the main types of materials used for shower wall panels?

  • PVC: the cheapest and thus the most commonly used material. This synthetic plastic is rigid yet flexible, making it ideal for use in bathroom walls.
  • Acrylic: generally, acrylic panels are thinner options but they are heavier. They can be more expensive but they can be produced in striking colours and like PVC, they are reliable.
  • Laminated MDF: these are the thickest and heaviest, making them a premium material for shower wall panels. They are available in a wide range of designs, from modern patterns to natural stone. However, they can be more expensive.

Can shower wall panels be fitted on any surface?

These panels can be fitted on surfaces where tiles would normally be be fitted. They can even be fitted on tiles or coverings but the surfaces should ideally be even.

How necessary is it to measure?

Some shower boards, including fibreglass only come in standard sizes. Others, like PVC decorative panels and other more expensive types can be customised to fit your need. Like other bathroom fixtures, it is very important to measure and make a sketch of your shower area so you can make a choice based on the sizes you need. By doing this, you will save time choosing panels that will not fit and are unable to be customised to accommodate the space of your shower.

What are your needs?

It helps if you consider how you want your shower area to look at the end of the project. Determine your needs and purpose or how long you intend to stay in your house. Considering these points will allow you to make an informed decision. If you are upgrading your home to sell, a modest acrylic bathroom wall panel will be an excellent option. It wont make sense to go for a luxurious wall system if you are only planning to be in the property for a short amount of time.

DIY or professional installation?

If you are thinking of installing the shower wall boards on your own to save on the cost of installation, it is better to choose PVC backed composite stone, fibreglass and solid panels for they are easier to handle. Installing acrylic is best left to professionals for its properties make it more challenging to do.

What accessories do I need?

Bathroom wall panels do not offer the same flexibility when it comes to accessories. When choosing the material for your shower wall, you also need to consider accessories . Do you want it to hold your soap dish, a bench or a recessed niche? Some materials like fibreglass can only hold limited accessories, but with solid surfaces and PVC, you can add more.

Bathroom shower wall panels are purchased based on functionality and aesthetics. They play a significant role in keeping the wall of bathrooms dry, maintaining sanitation and preventing mould growth. The process of buying need not be difficult. carry out some research, find out your options, determine your needs and check out product samples from stores.