A Buyers Guide to Shower Pods

Modern bathrooms make use of shower pods that are easy to install and maintain. They do not require grouting, tiling or silicone sealant. Shower pods come in different styles, so there is a shower solution to suit every bathroom size or layout. To avoid making the wrong choice, take a look through this guide to buying a shower pod find out all the essential facts to help you plan correctly.

What type of shower pod should I choose?

  • Pivot door: a pivot shower enclosure with a swinging door that pivots in either direction and can swing 180 degrees to open from the inside or out. It can be attached on the centre or side. Modern curved glass shower doors typically use this type of door. It is an elegant solution for alcoves and corner installations. It is also ideal for small spaces since it requires less space outside the shower.
  • Bi-fold door: also excellent for smaller bathrooms, this door type works on fully enclosed and recessed pods. Outside the enclosure, a large clearance is not necessary. It comes in various styles, including reversible door and swing-out designs.
  • Sliding door: this type of enclosure has a fixed panel and a sideways moving sliding panel. It is another elegant option that is also ideal for space saving solutions. It is common in large shower pods and works well with walk-ins, alcoves and full enclosures. Modern styles feature frameless panels, pared-back design, matched with tiled shower trays.
  • Quadrant enclosure: the quadrant shower enclosure is designed for corner installation. It is great for saving bathroom space as it does not require side panels. It has two sides and one or two curved sliding doors for easy access.
  • Pentangle enclosure: as the name implies, this type of shower pod has five sides and is also designed for corners. It has a straight pivot opening with smaller panels on the side. If you want a classy shower pod for a smaller bathroom, this is a great option.

What are the primary considerations when buying a shower pod?

  • Available space: the size and location installation point is important, to ensure that the shower pod you choose is suitable for your bathroom. This influences the size and type of enclosure that is best suited to your needs. Think about where you intend to position the pod. Will it be in a separate enclosed area of your bathroom, in the corner or the centre? Again, this will dictate the type of door or tray to buy.
  • Type of glass: there are different types of glass used for shower pods. Highly durable ones include tempered glass that is about 8 to 10 millimetres thick. However, design may restrict the thickness. For instance, curved design may require less thick glass. You also have the option of using clear or mirrored glass.
  • Tray: shower pods can come with or without a tray. Trays reduce the chances of water leakage as they are designed to fit the enclosure.
  • Tiling: when tiling is needed for the shower pod and you are planning to have a recess shower, tiling the walls inside the enclosure is also necessary.

Steps to take in finding the right shower pod?

  • Plan carefully. This involves measuring your bathrooms height and floor area. Take note of the placement of your windows, doors and lights.
  • Think about your usage. Who will use the shower? Do the users have needs to consider? This will determine your required ease of access or type of door.
  • Get inspiration. You can check out shower pod styles online and be inspired by the stylish options available. You can search for shower pods in bathrooms that are similar to yours to give you an idea what it will look like.
  • Make an appointment: Speak directly to a company and ask for a free consultation. Discuss your needs and they can recommend the best options for you and your requirements.
  • Choose your style. Go over your options before selecting the style of shower pod to choose.

Choosing the right shower pod is necessary for your bathrooms look and functionality. It is easy to just think of the best style that suits your taste, but there are practical things to consider, such as the space available. You may seek the help of a professional before buying a shower pod to be sure you are on the right track. If cost were a major issue, you need to be aware of the cost of the installation to make sure it's within your budget. Make sure to buy it from a reputable company to be certain the product is of high quality.