A Buyers Guide to Freestanding Baths

Bathrooms in newer properties are a lot smaller compared to bathrooms found in older homes. Since they are smaller, we have to make certain adjustments in order to be comfortable. This doesnt mean that you cant have a little bit of luxury in your bathroom though, in fact, thanks to the vision of many manufacturers, you can even have your own freestanding bath in your bathroom for a more relaxing bath time even if your bathroom is limited in space. Of course, if youre lucky enough to have a big bathroom, you can go all out with the size and features of your chosen freestanding bath. Whatever size of freestanding bath you choose, heres what you need to know about freestanding baths

  • What are my choices in styles and designs?

Freestanding baths come in many forms today, from Japanese-style minimalist soaking baths to more contemporary-styled, double-ended or slipper baths. Freestanding baths can also have classic rectangular or oval design, but some have a more geometric, sleeker design that can be quite striking as well. Of course, you can always opt for the timeless elegance of a claw-foot freestanding bath, which is often placed in the middle of the bathroom for a more dramatic effect.

One thing that hasnt really changed when it comes to freestanding baths, and which remains as popular today as it was in decades past, is the colour. In the seventies, freestanding bathcolours became more adventurous, with emerald green or forest green, old rose, and lemon yellow. The classic colours of white and off-white remain a top choice, just like they have been for decades. Nowadays, you can also opt for stunning black if you want a more eye-catching look.

  • What are the size options?

The size of freestanding baths can also vary, which is a good thing for the owners of small bathrooms. Sizes can range from 1500mm by 750mm to 1700mm by 800mm, and some are even smaller about 1495mm by 630mm. its really up to you to choose what size is best for your requirements, but you also have to seriously consider your bathrooms available space. As any expert will tell you, it's extremely important to take precise measurements.

  • What material choices do I have?

Materials can vary as well, as there are natural stone freestanding baths, freestanding baths made from wood, and so on. Acrylic is always a top option, since it is easy to maintain and very affordable. It can also be easily repaired, and is great at retaining heat. Another option could be composite, a mix of ground stone (such as granite or quartz) and resin, a popular choice, due it's aesthetic appeal.

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