A Buyers Guide to D Shaped Shower Enclosures

Not all homes are equipped with a spacious bathroom where you can have a walk-in shower big enough for you to move around in. Many homes have limited space in their bathrooms, but this should not be an impediment to have a shower enclosure installed in it and for homeowners to enjoy their shower without getting the floor all wet. Shower enclosures, regardless of their type, are designed such that water stays within the shower and keep the rest of the bathroom dry. Small D shaped shower enclosures suit most small bathrooms due to their design, which only requires one wall to be put up and functioning. Here are some questions you need to ask before you decide if your chosen D shaped shower cubicle is the right one for your bathroom and your needs.

Will it block the bathroom door?

If the only space you have left for your D shaped shower enclosure is near the door, you will need to measure it to make sure there is no contact with any part of the D shaped shower. Any contact with the cubicle may result to damage on the glass panels and the bathroom door, but more on the glass panels. This is especially true with kids in the house. Repeated force on the glass panels may and will cause breakage.

What size is suitable for my bathroom?

A D shaped shower enclosure comes in various sizes. Widths vary from 800 mm to 1050 mm. These sizes only require less than a metre of space in your bathroom. Again, have the measurements ready and correct. You may ask an installer to take the correct measurements so you dont get the size of the D shower enclosure wrong.

Will it look good in my bathroom?

You can choose from a vary of designs available. The overall look of your bathroom will become more pleasing to the eyes if you choose an enclosure with a complementary design or look. You will not run out of design options for your D shaped enclosure.

A D shaped shower tray can be added to an existing enclosure for a better look. You can also buy a D shaped shower enclosure and tray at the same time. These trays last for a long time; they can take the brunt of everyday wear and tear. Overall, D shaped enclosures are good buys for small bathrooms.