550mm Vanity Units

Space is a luxury often left for living rooms.  Bathroom space, for many people, isn’t a luxury, though.   This is why we stay up at nights thinking about finding the best and most versatile bathroom units on the market for our customers.  This doesn’t mean that we think "the bigger and shinier the better" works for every customer, though.  This means that we make sure that we find manufacturers that create the highest quality, best designed, and the most visually appealing bathroom units for many different sized bathrooms. One size does not fit all here at JTSpas.

So we make sure that we carry vanities like the Premier Classic.  This is a well built, great looking, and smartly designed 550mm vanity unit because it utilises the space it has with internal shelving, and is designed to fit into smaller spaces.  Best of all, we’ve priced it so you get the most for your money. Click below to see.   We sell the Hudson Reed Ultra Liberty because it’s a wall mounted vanity that will transform your bathroom into a showcase of sophisticated style without having to sacrifice your disposable income to own it.

Lastly, don’t browse our 550mm Vanity Units without taking a long look at the Hudson Reed Eclipse. It comes with a white basin and spacious black top with rounded cabinets that connect to rectangular drawers.  You’ll find yourself washing your face or brushing your teeth when you don’t need to with this luxurious, very attractive, and space saving unit.

Please be our guest and browse through all of our vanity units below.