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The Top Bathroom Trends You Need to Know about for 2019

Trends come and go, as we all know, and yet some trends are good enough to remain. It’s up to you which trends you choose to go for if you want to give your bathroom a much-needed makeover, but it’s important to keep in mind that what may look good now may not be so practical or efficient in the future. Whilst thinking about trends, you should not only consider the aesthetics – but you should also think about the usefulness of the trend and how it would make you feel about your bathroom once you apply it. If you want your bathroom to look attractive, by all means, go for it. But think carefully and don’t be impulsive, either. Here are the top bathroom trends you need to know about for 2019.

Small spaces transformed with big prints

If your bathroom is a bit small and you want to give it the illusion of space, one particularly great trend nowadays is wallpaper with unique, big, or distinctive prints and patterns. A small bathroom serves as an excellent canvas for that unique, one-of-a-kind statement or focal point. If you don’t want to add any furniture or other components to your small bathroom but would like it to look much more appealing, go for large, patterned wallpaper on one wall. Make sure, though, to consider your bathroom’s theme and how the wallpaper goes with it; on the other hand, a contrasting pattern can work well, too.

Neutrals are in

Classic bathrooms will always be an excellent choice, and if you want something that will have an innate appeal for many years, think neutrals. Modern bathrooms can benefit from monochromatic elements. For example, think about just using a single colour or material, like grey or marble, throughout your entire bathroom. You can still incorporate a motif, of course, but using only one colour or material in most of your bathroom space can make your bathroom look elegant and stylish.

Black is back

Bathrooms today have become more than just utilitarian spaces, and we’re all for it. Bathrooms which look like spas are always going to be on trend, but if you really want it to look cool and sophisticated, you can go all black with the walls, tiles or marble, and other fixtures like bathroom mirrors and sconces or wall lights. Use black towels and rugs for that utterly stylish and sultry, spa-like appeal.

Shower plumbing which is exposed

More bathrooms are also benefitting from shower plumbing which is exposed rather than hidden. This trend has an industrial appeal which works very well with white tiles or marble, giving your bathroom an ultra-modern, sleek and clean look.

Gunmetal or pewter bathroom fixtures

You can also go all out with some gunmetal or pewter bathroom fixtures, such as taps. Gunmetal and pewter taps on a freestanding bath are quite attractive and beautiful, as the material is not as harsh-looking as black or as common as gold or brass. You can give your bathroom fixtures more depth and texture with the gunmetal and pewter trend.

A vanity in front of a bathroom window

One other trend which is all the rage today is a vanity in front of the bathroom window. If you have a brilliant view from your bathroom, it would certainly be nice to groom yourself in front of it. You can make use of a portable vanity mirror placed in front of the window, or you can even suspend a mirror from the bathroom ceiling. There’s a bonus for this as well: the lighting is often excellent.

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