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The Top Facts You Should Know Before Purchasing a Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpool baths are undoubtedly the epitome of style and elegance for any bathroom, and although they were hugely popular in the 70s and early 80s, they have now made a comeback – probably helped along by the fact that whirlpool baths are much less expensive now than before. Whirlpool baths today also come in a whole range of styles and sizes, and you can easily opt for a whirlpool bath as an alcove bath or built-in bath in place of a regular bath, with a lot of value-added features besides. What’s more, the whirlpool baths of today are also loaded with incredible features, such as underwater LED lights and self-cleaning features, which make maintaining them a lot easier and more hassle-free. But before you purchase your very first whirlpool bath, here are the top facts you should know.

Choosing between air jets and water jets – or opting for both

You have a choice between two types of jets for a whirlpool bath: air jets and water jets. Both types of jets will have their merits, of course, so it all comes down to your preference in the end. But an air jet whirlpool bath can provide you with a gentler massage through different tiny air jets that create small bubbles. If you like bathing with scented bath oils, you can do so in an air jet whirlpool bath as well, and this makes for a great spa-like experience in your own bathroom. However, if you want something more intense and stronger, you can opt for a water jet whirlpool bath, which doesn’t have as many jets but whose jets release more power and which are arranged in a more strategic way to deliver an intense massage to different areas of the body. You can also move or swivel the water jets to aim them at different parts of the body, with the water pumped in and essentially propelled out of the jet at high speed. It’s important to remember, though, that it’s not recommended to use bath oils, bubble baths, and salts in water jet whirlpool baths. But you can now also opt for whirlpool baths which feature both air jets and water jets so you can get the best of both worlds.

Considering the configuration and size   

As already stated, whirlpool baths now come in different configurations and sizes, and the only thing you have to consider is the size of your available space. You can choose whirlpool baths which come in the standard size of a bath but make sure your bathroom can accommodate its size. The configuration of the bath, or the way it is oriented in your bathroom, is another consideration. If you don’t have much space, you may want a whirlpool bath in a standard size in a freestanding style or in an alcove style which you can place in the same area as your old bath. If you have more space in your bathroom, you can opt for a corner whirlpool bath with a deck surround, and if your space is even bigger, then you can go for a drop-in bath which has all the bells and whistles.

Your choice of materials

There are some commonly used materials for whirlpool baths, and you can’t really go wrong with any of these. These materials include acrylic, fibreglass, and cast iron. Fibreglass, however, offers the most cost-effective pricing, whilst acrylic is very durable as well as easy to maintain. The same is true for cast iron, although cast iron can be quite heavy. Good luck, and happy choosing!

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