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How You Can Best Choose a Freestanding Bath – Even if You Have a Small Bathroom

Many people mistakenly assume that if their bathroom is small, they cannot enjoy the benefits of a freestanding bath. But this is definitely far from the truth, as the bathroom experts will tell you. You now have a lot of choices when it comes to the freestanding bath, and even a smaller and more compact space can benefit from a freestanding bath if you know how to choose one – and if you know where to look. So, if you have a small bathroom and are wondering how you can fit a freestanding bath in there, wonder no more. Here’s how you can best choose a freestanding bath – even if you have a small bathroom.

• Your first consideration

Of course, it follows that you should still take the available space into account if you are intent on having a freestanding bath in your small bathroom. The area for the bath is important, and so is the actual size of the bath – it must be the right fit. Before you look at your options for freestanding baths, it’s essential to first measure the space you have and measure it as accurately and carefully as possible. Once you have the proper measurements, then it will be easier for you to determine the right dimensions of the bath – and choose the right bath as well.

• Your choice of style – the best style to choose

Whilst there are many freestanding bath styles and sizes, there are actually freestanding baths which have been purposefully designed to fit into smaller and more compact spaces. These styles include the slipper bath, which is great for limited spaces. The slipper freestanding bath has a deeper depth than other freestanding bath styles, and it also has one end which is higher than the other end, which acts as a form of additional support, and this means that the slipper-style freestanding bath can be shorter than the average freestanding bath. The support offers a vertical incline, which is perfect if you want to relax in the tub for a longer time without compromising on comfort. Slipper baths are also ideal because, since they are deeper, they can hold more water, and even though their length is often shorter, they can still be quite comfortable if you want a long and luxurious soak.

• Your other options

You should also opt for a freestanding bath with a single-ended design rather than a double-ended design, as double-ended freestanding baths tend to be bigger.

But apart from slipper freestanding baths and single-ended designs, you can also opt for freestanding tubs in a regular, contemporary style, as long as they are the proper size. There is a plethora of contemporary freestanding baths which are smaller than average, ranging in size from 1500 millimetres by 800 millimetres to 1500 millimetres by 740 millimetres, and they are often available in oval shapes to complement any bathroom. You can also opt for a different colour other than white, and black is now emerging as a really popular choice due to its sleek and chic look and finish.

At the end of the day, it’s absolutely possible for you to enjoy the complete benefits of a beautiful freestanding bath, even with a smaller space. Everybody deserves a good pampering once in a while, and with your own freestanding bath, you’re well on your way to a great bath experience.

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