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The Best and Most Popular Colours You Can Use for Your Bathroom

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a whole new look, what better way to do it than to change its colour? Of course, you can always give your bathroom a major refurbishment, but if you don’t have a lot of time or resources yet still want your bathroom to look as good as new, changing the bathroom’s colour theme can quickly make a world of difference. But what colour should you choose? You have a range of choices, after all, but the colour you select will ultimately set the mood and tone of your bathroom space. Here’s a look at some of the best and most popular colours you can use for your bathroom.

  • White

As far as colours go, white will always be a classic. It will never go out of style, and it has graced many a bathroom for many years. With a fresh white bathroom, you will have space which has a crisp and clean appeal, and if you don’t want to have an all-white bathroom, it’s trendy to mix white with a dark colour such as hunter green, black, or navy blue for a cool, nautical effect. White is also great at reflecting light, which makes it the ideal choice for a smaller bathroom. If you can, choose a crisp white hue which matches with your bathroom tiles as well as furniture and fixtures. If you have the time and the financial resources, you may want to update your fixtures as well. For instance, you can replace your tired old bathtub with a crisp white whirlpool bath with all the modern bells and whistles. Not only will this go well with your white theme, but it will also contribute to hours of pleasure and relaxation in your perfect bathroom.

  • Black

Black has always been a popular colour for rooms, and it will always be a striking and trendy choice. If you would like the bathroom to have a more dramatic look, black is the real deal. If you don’t want to go all-black with your bathroom, you can always pair it with a white hue for a more graphic feel. Again, if you’re thinking of replacing a major element such as your bath, you now have black colour choices in freestanding baths and whirlpool baths as well. You can also pair black with darker hues such as grey for a bolder, moodier look.

  • Yellow

Yellow is a bright colour, and its sunny appeal can instantly brighten up your bathroom and make it look like a more cheerful, airier space. It’s better to choose a bright yellow hue such as marigold or lemon yellow rather than mustard yellow, however, since there’s a thin line between a bright and cheerful bathroom and a bathroom which looks dated. Yellow also goes well with white, so if you want, you can add white trimming and mouldings to your bathroom to contrast with the energetic yellow colour.

  • Light grey

Light grey is a trendy colour nowadays, and you’ll often see it in many modern homes and flats. Light grey is a soft yet sophisticated colour, and it complements white basins, white baths, and other white fixtures. If your bathroom has tile or marble, light grey walls can highlight the beauty of these materials as well.

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