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Affordable Steam Showers for Every Home

Having a shower in your home is considered a basic necessity. But these days, people are looking for bigger and better ways to enjoy a simple shower. If you are lucky enough to have available space in your bathroom, you do not need to make do with an over the bath shower. Instead, you can install a shower cabin, which is a self-contained enclosure. If you genuinely want to experience luxury at the comfort of your home, you can opt for a steam shower enclosure with all the features available at health clubs and spas.

Hydrotherapy and steam heads

What is it about steam showers and shower enclosures that make them a coveted inclusion in any bathroom? Some steam shower models are affordable enough to cost less than £1,000. Each model comes with a variety of features depending on the experience you wish to have. Steam showers can be compact and fit small bathrooms but contain amazing hydrotherapy features which can help relieve stress and muscle pain. If you are looking for a model with all the bells and whistles, you can find a steam shower cabin which plays music and has mood lighting.

Steam showers are a great addition to any bathroom

For many centuries, people have enjoyed steam baths in different countries around the world. Currently, anyone who wants to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing steam bath can go to a health spa. Taking a steam bath dramatically improves the appearance of your skin and can relieve clogged sinuses and help your body expel harmful toxins.

Since space is always a challenge for many homeowners, steam showers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are enclosures with doors that open on the left or the right, depending on which is most convenient for your bathroom.

If you are looking for enhanced health benefits, you can combine your steam shower with aromatherapy. Some models allow you to use essential oils mixed into the water before it gets turned to steam.shower cabins

Is it expensive to run a steam bath in your home?

One of the concerns typically raised by those who are planning to install a steam shower in their bathroom is the cost of running it. Apart from the value of the shower cabin and accessories, you will also need to pay for installation. But the good news is, steam showers are very economical to use. Once installed, the unit will require minimal maintenance.

When it comes to power consumption, it will depend on the size of the steam generator. Therefore, if you want to minimise the cost, opt for a smaller generator which is enough to generate steam for at least 20 minutes inside the enclosure.

A compact steam shower unit can run at 2.2kW. If you have a standard size steam room, it would typically run on a 6kW generator. Considering the amount of time it will take to warm up the water and turn it to steam, plus staying inside the shower for at least 20 minutes will cost around 45p.

How much maintenance is required?

Steam showers require very little maintenance after installation. From time to time, you may need to clean the enclosure especially if it is made of glass. To prevent lime build-up, you can buy a model that comes with addition self-flushing feature.

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